Wallsend Adventure Role Players

As a club:

We run a variety of games and gaming systems during our meetings. These meetings are held weekly on Sundays at our regular venue.

We play each game in blocks of 6 weeks. This means that players and game masters alike can rotate in/out of different systems but still have enough time to get a decent bit of adventuring done.

These 6-week blocks are voted on in advance by the club members and providing each nominated game has enough players, the game will go ahead in its allocated slot. The club calendar lists what is due to be run when and details of who’s in what game can be found on the club members forum.

We aim to make it possible for everyone to get a game of what they want to play but sometimes games are just either too popular (and are over subscribed) or else not enough people want to play that system at that time. When this happens, we try to either slot folks into an alternative game or if that isn’t possible, we have a variety of board games and short-run (i.e. not enough for 6 weeks) games that they can play until a new block starts. Making sure that people have something to do when they come along is important to us, as there is nothing worse than having to watch others have fun when you can’t join in! This is why we allocate ahead of time and why it’s vital that anyone new who is interested in coming along to one of our meetings contacts us prior to turning up.

Anyone arriving unannounced to a club meeting is still most welcome, but there is no guarantee we will be able to offer you a place at our tables for that week. We will do our best but sometimes the gaming gods dice roll against you.

...and what we expect from you.

What to expect from us...

In the dark ages (that’s the late 80's to you) a handful of friends who played games like Dungeons and Dragons decided it would be cool if they could meet other players who also played D&D (and even cooler if some of those new guys were GM’s of other game systems) so that they could all have even more fun with their hobby of tabletop role-playing games. The  idea of a gaming club was formulated.

After a bit of searching, some premises were found and a date set for the club’s first meeting. A couple of posters were put up around the venue (and in the very few shops that sold gaming products) promoting the event. Fingers were then crossed and prayers made to the gaming gods that they wouldn’t be the only ones in attendance...

Their prayers were answered! A couple of like-minded souls had managed to find their way along and after introductions were made, they set about hashing out the ground rules for running the club and its future meetings. They also gave it a name - WARP.

It was decided that some form of small committee was needed to oversee things and be responsible for any admin that might be required. People were voted in by the members and the positions held for a year. Membership fees and meeting subscriptions were agreed upon and so WARP was officially up and running as a club..

That was 1987 and since then the club has continued to grow and prosper.

  1. To introduce new players and GMs to each other.
  2. To play a variety of game systems.
  3. To have fun while doing 1 and 2.

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As a player:

Things you should bring along to a meeting include;